Raise a Glass and Celebrate the New Year!

Sparkles. Confetti. GLITTER. All New Year’s Eve staples. In fact, we’re pretty sure that New Year’s Eve is the quintessential holiday for all things glitter. Whether your plans involve throwing a party or attending one, here are some creative ideas to step up your game.

Confetti Wands: All you need is clear tubes and confetti, how simple is that?! Once you stuff them, lay them out somewhere all your guests can easily find them (so probably by the bar). We know what you’re thinking: “Don’t they make a mess?” Well yes they do, but what fun can you have without making a little mess?! So sparkly and festive!

Bubbly Bar: It’s not a New Year’s Eve party without one of these. A “bubbly bar” allows your guests to taste and personalize their champagne drinks. A bar cart is a great alternative if you want to make the bubbly bar a mobile attraction. They’re the perfect display for your champagne and treats. P.S. metallic straws are totes all the rage. Pop, fizz, clink!

Golden-Brushed Balloons: Go out and get a dozen helium-filled white latex balloons with strings attached. Wear gloves and hold the balloon by the tied end. Use gold enamel paint or “liquid gold leaf” and apply to balloons in quick, upward strokes. Make sure to only gild the bottom third to get this look. OR you could just buy gold balloons if you’re running low on time/gumption/is it 2016 yet?

Sparkly Bottles: Glam up your bottles and make them as sparkling as the wine inside. Grab a can of Super 77 adhesive spray, latex gloves, an old sheet, and as much glitter as you can find. Spray the bottle and sprinkle glitter over the adhesive one section at a time. Repeat until the whole bottle is covered, then shake off the excess glitter and display. Make sure to leave the top third of the bottle clean so you can pop the champagne! Hint: this is probably the easiest, yet most effective way to take your shindig to a whole new level!

Quirky Tip: Add a little extra something by hanging a fortune cookie off of each champagne glass. Everyone is going to want to know what’s in store for them once the clock hits midnight. And we all know fortune cookies always tell the truth.

New Year’s Eve is obviously the perfect reason to get fun with your champagne, so try something new this year! What’s better than some good ol’ bubbly? PINK bubbly. Cuz everything’s better in pink. Check out more ideas and details on our Pinterest page.

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