Still Behind

Single family new housing starts in 2022 will show an increase versus last year, will be the most since 2007, and will still be well behind the peak of 2006.

This year, experts predict that a total of 1.1 million single family homes will be started. In 2021 there were 970 thousand new home starts.

The peak occurred in 2006, when 1.65 new homes were started.

So, this year will finish 33% behind the peak.

When we are asked why today’s market is different from the ‘bubble years’ of 2004 to 2007, the difference in new home starts is one reason we cite.

Even though the market is cooling, we remain significantly undersupplied which insulates prices from any kind of dramatic downturn.

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Housing Math

It’s interesting to look at what population growth means for housing.


On average, along the Front Range, 2.5 people live in each housing unit.


What that means is 4 housing units are needed for every 10 people who live here.


So, for every 1000 new people moving to our area, 400 new housing units are required.


The population of Metro Denver is just under 3,000,000 and the population of Northern Colorado is just over 650,000.


Assuming the Front Range grows in population at 2% per year, that means 60,000 new people in Metro Denver and 13,000 new people in Northern Colorado each year.


To house those people, 24,000 new housing units need to be built per year in Metro Denver and 5,200 in Northern Colorado.

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The post Housing Math appeared first on Fort Collins Real Estate | Fort Collins Homes for Sale & Property Search.