Professional House Cleaning

Professional House Cleaning

Professional House Cleaning. In a busy world that gets even busier when putting a house on the market, those three words can bring you peace of mind. It takes a lot of work to prepare a home for the real estate market. Deep cleaning is one of the most important tasks in the preparation process. The difference between touring a sparkling clean home and a home that hasn’t been deep cleaned is usually the difference between selling and not selling the home. Windermere’s professional home cleaning service will give you that extra edge when it comes to winning over potential buyers. Clean and de-cluttered homes allow the buyer to see just what your home offers.

Leave a Lasting Impression.

A clean kitchen, freshly vacuumed floors and well-kept bathrooms gives us all a wonderful feeling. When touring a prospective home, you want the house to be de-cluttered and simply stated – clean.  Our professional house cleaning service will clean bathrooms, kitchen countertops & sinks, floors, toilets, and more.  The cleaning team will arrive hours prior to the home’s professional photography shoot. This ensures less work for you in preparing your home.

What you can expect from our professional house cleaners…

  • Completed by a team of two or more house cleaners
  • Detailed cleaning of most surfaces
  • Removal of grease, mineral deposits, soap scum in bathrooms
  • Floors vacuumed, scrubbed and mopped
  • Bathrooms cleaned including showers, tubs, toilets and sinks
  • So much more… at the cleaner’s discretion

Trusted Cleaners.

We hire the best and most trusted cleaners with proven results.  Our cleaners offer excellent attention to the details of the cleaning needs for a home preparing to sell.

Professional Home Staging

Our services vary by region. Select offices provide professional home staging in lieu of house cleaning.  Professional home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale. They work with the “flow” of a home, eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture, and even assist in enhancing curb-appeal.  With the aid of a professional home stager, Windermere Real Estate will make sure your home has a notable first impression on potential homebuyers.

Professional House Cleaning

Selling my home with The Certified Listing Program made preparing my home for market stress-free. Windermere is the equivalent of a filet mignon in a real estate world selling corn dogs.

– Andrea Maxwell, home seller

Professional House Cleaning