Why List Now

Why does it make sense to list a home now?  Shouldn’t I wait until the Spring?

These are legitimate questions we hear occasionally from our clients.

It turns out there are several good reasons to list a home in December or January instead of waiting for April or May.

The first reason is low competition.  Today there are only:

  • 279 homes for sale in Larimer County
  • 263 homes for sale in Weld County
  • 2,151 homes for sale in Metro Denver

So, a home on the market today has high odds of standing out in the market versus the higher-inventory market in the Spring.

In addition to lower competition:

  • Buyers looking in the winter tend to be more serious and motivated by tighter timelines
  • Interest rates will likely be higher in the Spring which will impact the purchasing power of Buyers, and consequently, the selling power of Sellers.

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