Floor Plans

Buyers love floor plans.

This is one of real estate’s greatest kept secret. Floor plans also help sell homes because they set your listing apart from the other homes on the market. It can be difficult for buyers to see how the rooms fit together when viewing properties online. Accurate and detailed renderings help buyers put the pictures together.

Buyers can visualize the layout of a home with Floor Plans. Professional floor plans allow buyers to see where rooms locations are in context to one another. Floor plans establish how the home is laid out and provide important details, such as the number of windows in each room, the way the space is oriented, and how much storage space is available. These small details provide an important advantage. Buyers are more likely to view a property that “makes sense” to them.

Make Your Home Unforgettable.

Many home buyers are touring multiple properties in a day. One challenge of selling real estate is to make your property more memorable than all the others. The Certified Listing Program incorporates a professionally drawn floor plan into the professionally designed property brochure. Equipped with a floor plan, prospective buyers can easily remember the home’s layout, and the home itself. Details are essential to selling a home for the highest selling point possible. Floor plans are one of the most powerful details in your real estate marketing.

At Windermere Real Estate, our job is to attract buyers to the property you are selling. If a home buyer can visualize themselves in the home, the chances of falling in love with that home are much higher. We hire experts in providing prompt and accurate square footage measurements of residential properties.

Real Estate Floor Plan

Recent studies show that more than 85% of home buyers found floor plans either essential or useful.

Over half of the respondents said they would actually spend more time looking at a listing if a floor plan was included.